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Stylish Street Artists

Feb 3, 2016

Harajuku Geisha

As London is sprinkled with art all around – and we love that – strolling around Shoreditch’s back streets on a winter Sunday morning can be kinda of enlightening. Shoreditch being one of the coolest areas in London made even cooler by the large amount of street art on display and seeing the street artists at work.

HARAJUKU GEISHA – Certainly one of the biggest in size, just above the Red Gallery in Rivington St EC2, Love how this Harajuku Fashion Walk style Geisha embraces both the traditional and the current fashion fun side of youth culture in Japan. Also love the comic book Manga style of the piece….
Photo by VdB


BALLERINA – Ballerinas being always a favourite, love the elegance, the attitude and the grace that translate from this Stencil Art piece, it’s a bit like catwalk meet stage! Love also the deconstructiveness with which the dress and headgear are pictured, like a fashion sketch …in fact, it could be just out of an Elie Saab or Alexander McQueen collection – Photo by VdB

However, what mostly captured my attention though, was the Sticker Art. Mostly placed on unused front doors, the collage of great images and colours are strongly visual and highly stylish.


VERUSCHKA – Absolutely love this sticker of Countess of Lehndorff-Steinort aka Veruschka , simply one of the most acclaimed models of the 1960’s. Check on her camouflage /Oxidation Art photos where she escape human appearance. Certainly always one of my style icons! Photo by VdB

All you need

MARIA FELIX – How extraordinary to find this gorgeous image of Maria Felix– one of the most famous, beautiful and super glam Mexican actresses of the 1940’s – by super cool street artist Voxx Romana – Photo by VdB

Queen of Hearts

QUEEN OF HEARTS – Gloriously, fashionably exquisite in this Renaissance style red ensemble – luuuuve the jewellery and of course the setting! Photo by VdB

Kill Bill

KILL BILL – Could this be just a super cute Uma Thurman as The Bride in Kill Bill – or Bruce Lee if you’re into your kung fu vintage movies like I am ? Photo by VdB

Louis Vuitton

LV – Couldn’t be more uber stylish, this striking fashion picture in black and white of a 1970’s style model wearing monogram Louis Vuitton logo and funky platform boots, Art by Endless , so good! – You can see more of Endless art in the streets of Soho London , including HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Photo by VdB