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Italian Comics Style Icons Part 2- Valentina di Guido Crepax

Nov 9, 2016

Valentina camera

Valentina Rosselli aka Valentina is the creation of Milanese comic artist Guido Crepax who launched the comic strip series in 1965 and concluded it in 1996.

Valentina shh

Valentina was born on 25th December 1942 in Milan Italy – she has a passport! And curiously she matured and grew older in the strip as if she was a real person (as if she was Guido Crepax alter ego or girlfriend ? ) .

Valentina Passport

Valentina is a photojournalist, always seen with her Hasselblad camera, she has problems like real people (she suffered from anorexia when she was very young) and famously based her appearance on Louise Brooks – one of my favourite American actresses from the 1920’s also famous for her bobbed hairstyle and for being Iconically representative of the Flapper movement – in Pandora’s Box – her Iconic silent movie.

Louise BrooksLouise Brooks 2

Valentina is a cult erotic comic strip which is very cinematic in its style and typical of the spirit of the 1960’s, with a sophisticated style of drawing and heavy reference to psychedelia throughout – Valentina often drifts from reality into a dream, confusing and mixing them together. There are a multitudes of references to history, art and sex, especially bisexuality (like Louise Brooks) masturbation and sadomasochism, in fact Valentina is mostly shown in her sinuous sensual naked body and often in her fetish outfits.

Valentina is certainly a glorious “trip”, a style icon and a frutto proibito. Viva Valentina!



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