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Italian Comics Style Icons Part 1 – Diabolik & Lady Eva Kant

Nov 9, 2016

Diabolik and Eva Kant

Created in 1962 by Angela & Giuliana Giussani this antihero pocket size comic noir has been and still is one of the most iconic in Italy. I am still, every time I go back to Italy, having to buy as many copies as I can find in the edicola!!!

Diabolik & Eva Kant

Diabolik and Eva Kant, the main characters, are the most captivating and sexy couple in the criminal underworld of comics to date – extremely adventurous and highly intelligent, they are the most high tech and scientific thieves and assassins (they steal only from other criminals)   par excellence. They have a sophisticated education and  knowledge, especially about art and various precious objects and jewellery , they are great pilots and weapon master , they can transform themselves into whoever by wearing human face  masks and imitating the selected victim, they are athletic  and able to fight at the highest level, they can use  Morse code and are  multilingual ….this is  just to mention some of their skills and their utter geniality!

Diabolik mask

Diabolik and Eva Kant


But of course, the fact that both Diabolik and Eva Kant are also extremely attractive, does not go unnoticed!! Diabolik  wears a black  and  super sexy skintight body suit that leaves only his eyes and eyebrows (very distinctive) on show and displays very unmistakably his masculine athletic muscular body , he drives a 1961 black E-Type Jaguar , has green eyes and dark hair and he’s a very attentive and passionate lover to Eva – what’s not to love????? Eva Kant is exquisitely beautiful, of slender frame , agile, has cat shaped green eyes and thick long blond hair which she mostly wears in a bun .Her trademark look is a trench coat and black cat suit ( so Parisienne!!) she is classy, chic and aloof, she is an heroine and a beauty Icon, and as Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia, once said in her blog “ most sophisticated heroine of our times” – oh yeah!!!