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•Do you have a full wardrobe and nothing to wear?
• You have the skills but clients don’t seem to use your service?
• Is a special occasion coming up and you don’t have a clue?
• Does your husband look fab in his suit but embarrassing on holiday?
• Seasonal wardrobe dilemma? Here I come!

I advise on individual style, color, balance and body shape for the person who’s in need of a wardrobe refresh by adding to their existing pieces. I help people who have just been through a life change and need a new style, or that simple but overwhelming special event.

I advise the professional who realizes the importance of first impressions to seal a deal or gain new clients, or the person who is so busy they simply haven’t got the time.

I work to a budget – alone or with a team of other professionals including hair and makeup, manicure, beauty therapist, personal trainers, Yoga and Pilates teachers.

For consultation please contact me roberta_dimola@hotmail.com Phone: 07870329568


Wardrobe Detox

Personal Shopping

Styling for an Event

Aesthetic Sensibility

Eye for Detail

Understanding & Trustworthy

Fine Intuition


Sense of Humor